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Landscaping Package for
New Homes

A complete landscaping package for new home construction.

We design front landscaping, install underground sprinkling and downspout drain tiles, plus hydroseed and fertilize – for one low price!

With one easy phone call, your new home’s landscaping, underground sprinkling, hydro-seed and lawn is done!

“Such a talented team on both ends of lawn care and landscape. They truly know the art of making your living quarters look impeccable.” – Taylor W.

New Home
Landscaping Special

Starting At


A complete package that includes everything shown here.

If you’re building a new home, this is the best deal around!

with Yard Preparation

Customized Front Landscape

Underground Sprinkling Installed

Drain Tile
for Downspouts 

Starter Fertilizer

Easy   Package  Upgrades  

* Package based on an 8,000 sq. ft. yard.  Some restrictions may apply.

Hydroseed & Yard Prep

Hydroseeding your lawn is a fast, effective, affordable way to get a gorgeous lawn. It is cheaper than sod, and much more efficient and effective than old-fashioned seeding.

Front Landscape

Our in-house landscapers will design and install your front landscaping – up to 2 trees, 6 shrubs, 9 perennials and aluminum edging with color-enhanced mulch, all customized to your taste. Plus, it’s easy to add any additional items.

Landscaping, Hydroseed Package for New Homes - ProMow Landscaping of Byron Center

Underground Sprinkling

We will install a full, underground lawn irrigation system for your newly hydro-seeded lawn. It’s the best, easiest, most reliable way to keep your yard looking beautiful for years to come.

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Drain Tiles

We attach drain tiles to your downspouts to draw the water away from your basement and foundation of your home. Helping ensure that rain water sheds away from the structure.

Drain Tiles Prevent Flooding -

Fertilizer Package

Not only will your hydroseed starter be applied with fertilizer, we’ll provide  2 free fertilizer applications, and the option to continue with our 5-step fertilizer program.

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Easy Package Upgrades

Easily add any item or service! Add home maintenance strips, upgrade from mulch to stone or include more plants and trees – you can even add a patio or retaining wall!

“Higher standards with natural comfort every day.” – Timothy P.

Get Started Creating Your Outdoors!

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We are ready to assist you with any type of lawn care services project at your home or business.

Whether it’s designing the perfect look for your new home, or sprucing up your business’ curb appeal, Pro Mow Landscaping is here to create your perfect outdoors.