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Maintenance Packages

Relax and let us take care of your entire yard for you, all year long, for one low price!

From yard clean-ups to mowing, landscaping to fertilizing, and even snow plowing, we have you covered with maintenance packages.

Don’t worry about a thing with ProMow.

Complete yard maintenance from the professionals – including lawns, landscaping, and more – make life easier, and more beautiful!

MAINTENANCE PACKAGESpring Prep & MulchWeed ControlSpring Clean UpFall Clean UpMowingShrub PruningWeeding & MaintenanceFertilizer & Weed Control
Pro StarterXXX
Pro PlusXXXXXSpring Only
Pro PremiumXXXXXSpring & FallXX

Pro Starter Package

Designed to keep your property and budget looking great!

The Pro Starter package includes:

Spring Clean Up
Removal of all yard debris from turf, ground cover and landscape beds.

Spring Landscape Prep & Mulch
Spade edging of plant beds. Top mulch plant beds and tree rings with color-enhanced, chocolate brown mulch.

Weed Control
Application of pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from germinating.

Pro Plus Package

The essentials to a beautiful looking property all year long.

The Pro Plus package includes everything in the Starter package, PLUS:

Fall Clean Up
Cutting back perennials and removing all leaves and sticks from landscape beds and lawn.

Spring Pruning
All shrubs pruned in the spring.

Lawn Mowing
Mowing, weed whipping and blowing of clippings off driveway and walkways.

Pro Premium Package

Relax as we bring the absolute best look to your property.

The Pro Premium package includes everything in the Starter and Plus packages, PLUS:

Landscape Weeding & Bed Maintenance
Monthly or bi-monthly weeding of landscape beds, and removal of all sticks and leaves from the lawn.

Spring & Fall Pruning
All shrubs pruned in the spring and early fall (or late summer, depending on your needs).

5-Step Fertilizer & Weed Control
Our proven, 5-step fertilizer program with applications in the early spring, late spring, early summer, mid summer and fall.

À la Carte Services

Create your own custom maintenance package with these individual services, or add them to the packages above. 

  • Underground Sprinklers start-up in the spring; winterization in the fall
  • Lawn, Weed & Pest Control: perimeter best control, flea and tick treatments and fall lime application
  • Aeration & Overseed for your lawn
  • Mulch Installation: top-off your landscape beds and tree rings with enhanced brown mulch
  • Lawn Mowing: we’ll mow, trim and make your lawn look great
  • Sprinkler Installation: design and install a custom irrigation system
  • Landscape Design & Installation: we can design and create your home’s landscaping
  • Hydroseeding: have a new home? We can create a beautiful lawn that grows fast, for less! Check out our special New Home Lawn & Landscaping Package.
  • Snow Plowing: residential or commercial
Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services in Byron Center MI -

Pricing for each package depends on many factors, including the size of your property. Please call or email us for a quote.

“I have used Pro-Mow for several years. They take care of everything from my landscaping, spring and fall clean up, irrigation to snow removal. This past year I had them design a brand new landscaping plan and LOVE the outcome. Great company, great people, great quality work!!!” – Jamie V.


We commit to working with you to create specialized, comprehensive landscape maintenance solutions that are sure to make your home the envy of your neighbors.

Start Strong

We establish a relationship with each customer that’s based on effective communication and trust.

Property assessment

Dedicated Customer Service Representative

Listen and identify specific property needs, landscape requirements, property size, current conditions and YOUR preferences


We’ll formulate recommendations and work with you to ensure success.

Customized solutions that meet budget expectations

Endless opportunities for questions

Signed contract


We’ll develop a detailed plan of action.

Comprehensive landscape management program

Dedicated crew and equipment assignment

Irrigation controller familiarization and irrigation component location identification

Job folder prep

Dig In

Flexible, reliable service that beautifies your property and eliminates guesswork.

Program implementation

Seasoned, assigned Program Foreman

Crews begin work

Material deliveries

Equipment mobilization

Ongoing schedule updates

Ongoing Quality

The benchmark of successful, long-term relationships is our ongoing quality control and innovation!

Weekly quality inspections ensure your expectations are being met

Looking ahead to address future landscape needs, enhancement recommendations and/or renovation opportunities.

The ProMow Five-Step Fertilizer Program

How would you like your lawn to look like an athletic field, with its pristine, lush, gorgeous green grass?

We use the same blend of fertilizer for your lawn as we do on our athletic fields. Its green and weed-free all season long.

Imagine seeing that when you look out of your front window! Digging your toes in, and children playing on a warm summer day.

Let Pro-Mow take care of your lawn and with these five steps, you’ll have one of the lushest lawns in your neighborhood!

Step 1 – Spring Fertilizer with Crabgrass Control
Slow-release, granular fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent.

Step 2 – Late Spring Fertilizer with Weed Control
Slow-release, granular fertilizer with liquid, broadleaf weed control.

Step 3 – Early Summer Fertilizer with Weed Control
Slow-release fertilizer with broadleaf weed control and free grub prevention for the life of service.

Step 4 – Late Summer Fertilizer with Weed Control
Slow-release, granular fertilizer with liquid, broadleaf weed control.

Step 5 – Fall Winterization Application
All-mineral fertilizer to prepare the lawn for winter.

Get Started Creating Your Outdoors!

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We are ready to assist you with any type of lawn care services project at your home or business.

Whether it’s designing the perfect look for your new home, or sprucing up your business’ curb appeal, ProMow Landscaping is here to create your perfect outdoors.