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The in-house team at ProMow Landscaping works with you to create custom, innovative landscape designs that extend your outdoor living space in the most gorgeous way possible!

West Michigan’s premier landscaping company will design and install gorgeous landscapes to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Protecting your landscaping investment.

Our landscape design philosophy is based on aesthetics, functionality and longevity.

We believe it is important to incorporate nursery stock that will not only look amazing, but also thrive in the conditions of your area.

We design in a way that allows your plants and trees to grow into your landscape rather than out of your landscape.

This not only protects your investment from expensive renovations but ensures that you will be able to enjoy your landscape for years to come.

Our Process

The design process begins with an initial consultation to gather information such as the conditions of your area, measurements, and most importantly your ideas!

We then begin designing your new landscaping by combining your ideas with our own professional expertise to create your perfect outdoor space.

Our crews will then install your landscape according to plan. We strive to maintain open communication throughout the process to ensure any changes are implemented.

Any information you can provide to the designer is helpful.

Important items include:

  • Plot plans of your house
  • Grading plans
  • Photos you like in magazines
  • Locations of property lines, septic systems, etc.
Landscaping Services in West Michigan

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“They go about their work as though they were working on their own yards. Very self-demanding. Everyone I met and worked with was very courteous, honest, and conscientious. Would rate my experience as top-notch in every respect!” 

“I have worked with ProMow Landscaping for 10 years. I started with the basics of landscaping mulch and mowing. After moving, we had ProMow redo all of our landscaping including a new pool area. The service has always been great and very personable.”

“I LOVE working in my yard, and with their 5-step program over the past couple of years, it’s never looked better! We’re planning a backyard wedding this summer… because we can!” 

“Such a talented team on both ends of lawn care and landscape. They truly know the art of making your living quarters look impeccable.”

“Matt, Nick and staff are great to work with and bend over backward to be sure you are happy with the project. We had a major backyard water issue and they solved it! ”

Get Started Creating Your Outdoors!

Call our friendly experts at 616.878.9669.

We are ready to assist you with any type of lawn care services project at your home or business.

Whether it’s designing the perfect look for your new home, or sprucing up your business’ curb appeal, ProMow Landscaping is here to create your perfect outdoors.