Hydro Seeding & Yard Prep

The final installment in a landscape installation is often the prep and hydro-seeding of the lawn areas. This can make or break a beautiful landscape, because a sub-par lawn becomes the focus of the landscape.
The lawn installation begins with prepping the soil to receive the seed or sod. Often a Harley rake or Rock Hound powered by a skid steer is used to create the seed bed while leveling and removing any unwanted debris from the soil. A hand rake is often used to fine tune delicate areas such as along concrete, and edging, and next to trees.

Once the yard has been prepped, it is time to install the lawn. A very economical yet effective way of doing this is through hydro-seed. Hydro-seed in the most basic form is a mixture of mulch, seed, fertilizer and water.
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This slurry is mixed and agitated in a large tank and then sprayed onto the prepped soil. Additives such as tack, dye, and pre-emergent weed control can be added to increase the effectiveness and appearance of the hydro-seed. Our seed blend contains a high percentage of Kentucky blue grass and perennial rye grass varieties that provide exceptional turf quality, disease resistance and color.
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