Fertilization Services
Properly timed fertilizing and weed control for your lawn can be the difference between an average lawn and a picture perfect lawn. At Pro-Mow we wait until soil temperatures are at or around 50 degrees before we put down our crabgrass pre-emergent. Temperature and precipitation are also considered when making our applications. If conditions are unfavorable we will reschedule our service to ensure your lawn is getting the most out of our applications.

Weeds, grubs, and insect feeding critters are all considered pests, and can all negatively impact the health and appearance of your lawn. At Pro-Mow we utilize an IPM (integrated pest management) strategy to minimize the effects of pests on your lawn. Our applications are targeted specifically toward each pest in order to avoid impacting the many beneficial organisms in your lawn. Our company employs only licensed technicians and provides continued education in order to provide our customers with the best possible chance in obtaining that picture perfect lawn.

A properly fertilized lawn is essential in maintaining a healthy turf stand. At Pro-Mow we use only phosphorous free slow release fertilizers on your lawn. Slow release fertilizers break down slowly over a longer period of time feeding your grass continually and reducing a surge in growth commonly associated with liquid applications.

By utilizing Phosphorous free fertilizers we are reducing our impact on the environment by protecting our streams and lakes from excess phosphorous which increases algae growth.

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Five-Step Program

How would you like your lawn to look like an athletic field?  And no, we don't mean with all of the divots and chunks ripped out after a game--we mean the pristine, lush, green grass you see before a game. Imagine seeing that when you look out of your front window.  Imagine digging your toes into it, or your children playing in it on a warm summer day.  Well, you can have that dream lawn, and here's how we can give it to you!
Just think of the barbeques you could have on that lawn, the fireworks you could watch, and the pride you could feel as people turn their heads to get a better look at it as they pass by.  Let Pro-Mow take care of your lawn and with these five steps, you'll have one of the lushest lawns in Grand Rapids!
We use the same blend of fertilizer for your lawn as we do on our athletic fields.  Its green and weed-free all season long!
Pro Mow Five Step Program

Step 1
 An application of our extended release fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control, formulated to feed your lawn  evenly for 16-18 weeks

 Step 2
 A broad-leaf weed control treatment designed to target dandelions and other common broadleaf weeds

 Step 3
 A fertilizer and preventative grub control treatment to prevent destructive grub activity

 Step 4
 An application of our extended-release fertilizer designed to evenly feed your lawn through the fall and into the winter

 Step 5
 A broadleaf weed control treatment – In the fall weeds are more susceptible to herbicides making this an ideal time for    an application

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